Double and or blurred lines

I am new to the CNC world and am looking to add some unique detail to my projects. I just bought a ORTUR Laser online. I understand this is a very, very entry level machine and I am looking for some help trouble shooting some of my test runs. As you can see in the attached picture, there is something wrong with either the calibration of the machine, or, i’m doing something wrong with the software set up. I did notice that when I focus the laser on the material, there is a little play in the laser diode from left to right on the x axis. It is very minimal and I don’t think it is loose enough to move while the machine is running, but then again, that could be causing the problem.
Thank You

That looks like you made two passes, and either the machine, the material, or part of the machine is moving between the passes, causing the 2nd pass to be off of the first one. Lowering the speed when using ‘Line’ mode should help, and you should make sure there is no mechanical play in the machine, like a bit of wobble in the wheels, easy movement of the head when the machine is powered, etc. Things should be relatively stiff when it’s powered up.

Okay, I have been using line mode. The circle was done in two passes but the flags were done in a single pass. I am certain that the machine and the material were not moved between passes. I will check the wheels and the structure for any wobble. Thanks

If the flags were one pass you might have duplicates in the artwork itself. There is definitely more than one rectangle being output there.

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