Double Burn Phantom Line

Good day. I am having an issue with burning on my 50w chinese laser using Lightburn. When I go to burn at max 65% power, and minimum 50% power, for a roughly true 40w rated tube, I get a double line. I get the main cut line and a phantom mark line along side some of the work, as if there was 2 beams being fired at once. Keep in mind this is only 1 pass, and the phantom line only shows intermittently. The second phantom line is more of a superficial cut that can be removed with some sand paper after a little sanding. Any help with figuring this out would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

Please see attached photo

Please post a screen capture (no cell phone pix as they are hard to see :slight_smile: ) of the entire LightBurn screen, showing the ‘Cuts’ window and a second showing the ‘Cut Settings Editor’ window for that layer. We can go from there.

This will be an alignment issue, not a settings issue - Hold a test-fire shot from the controller and you’ll likely get the double-strike as well, which means your beam is partially reflecting off your nozzle tip due to misalignment.

Awww this makes total sense. I think even my cuts have a slight diagonal to them too. I will work on re aligning to get a perpendicular cut to the work piece. Thank you!

Sorry to have sent you down the wrong path initially. :slight_smile:

Oh it’s all good. Thanks for reaching out, and have a good weekend

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