Double burning how to prevent

I am creating a HO scale brick walkway for a buddy. I make a rectangle 1.5 x 1mm (H x W). Then I use the array to make a 200x16 array. Everything works great but whatever I try the bricks get double burned. I have clicked on delete duplicates and it finds nothing. Only other thing that I haven’t tried is converting original rectangle to a path then creating array.

The project turned out ok with reduced power. I’m printing on 1/32 ply so it tends to burn through pretty quickly.


HO Bricks 1x10 sideways.lbrn2 (487.9 KB)

Have you tried using “Remove overlapping lines” in Optimization Settings. That should avoid burning twice over the same lines. Your Grid Array settings look okay from what I can tell.

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Doing the preview that looks like it’ll do the trick. I always forget to look in those settings.


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