Double Click on mouse (middle) wheel - Zoom on selected Artwork

I use Fusion daily. It is so convenient to double click mouse wheel which zoom to fit all selected bodies/components. Please consider adding this feature to LightBurn

CTRL+SHIFT+A does not work for me - for some reason it launches a different installed App menu.


Are you on a Mac? If so, it’s Command + Shift + A. You can also click here:

I’ll have to see if I get a double-click notification for the wheel.

Edit: Done. It’ll be in the next release.

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Sweet, - You’re the man!

btw, Running LB on win10 and know my way with top menu buttons. i can’t say the same about shortcuts. it’s hard to get used to shortcuts - this will take more time.

If Ctrl+Shift+A is bringing up something else, then you have it programmed in a system shortcut or some other application has hijacked it. Not much I can do for that I’m afraid.

Update, Closed the App that was running in the background and now C+S+A works as expected.

Oz, Since you now have this middle mouse working for you, I leave it up to you to decide whether it should zoom on selection or zoom to page. I don’t have enough experience with LB/2D apps so can’t tell what makes more sense.

It calls the zoom to selection function. If there’s no selection, it zooms to the full content of your design. If there’s no design, it zooms to page.


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