Double clicking .lbrn file does not open it

Running macOS - High Sierra.
When double clicking a file, it opens lightburn onto a new untitled file, but does not open the project of the file that was double clicked. I then have to select the file in the menu and open it from there.
Is this normal?
No big deal, just odd.
I have also had files that when opened make Lightburn close for no reason.

Thank you for reporting this. This is a known issue but you prompted me to officially add to bug tracking. :wink:

Out of interest, do you get the automated crash reports? I have sent them in, but not sure if it only goes to Apple or not.

No, not the way you might be doing it. We do want them though. Please copy the contents and email to developer at lightburnsoftware dot com. Also include any info that will help us reproduce if possible. LightBurn should not crash. Please forward any crash report you get to help us create better software.

Thanks Rick, will do.

If you have files that crash it like that, please send them along too. If I can reproduce the crash it’s usually quick to fix.