Double cut straight lines

I have a cutting problem, lightburn treats one line as two runs of the laser head.
It goes up and down and up and down …
I am adding a dxf file
I have had this problem for several months and I cannot deal with it.
Lines is not a rectangle.
There are also no double lines - removing duplicates in the program does not help.
Removing overlapping lines in cut optimization doesn’t help either :frowning:
Please help.

cut.dxf (349 Bytes)

It’s because the dxf file is two lines. You can click on the line. You’ll notice it’s an ‘odd’ flashing.

One line is on top of the other and you are selecting only one. Press delete… will delete the selected line.

You can also ‘node’ edit it and pull the line apart…

The file name came to my computer as ‘cut’ so I had to rename it to use it. It’s better practice to upload the .lbrn2 project file is possible.

It says ‘cut.dxf’, but it ends up on my machine as just ‘cut’…

If you make it a habit to run this stuff slowly in the preview, you can see it.

Good luck


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