Double engrave that is slightly offset

Hi Team,

No Idea why but I can see any double up in lightburn and be it text or image it does the same thing. It is cutting perfectly and settings are 200speed 40power with a 100w Co2Laser. Original design created in AI and it burns correctly in another software.

Can you attach this or any other file having this output to a reply here on this thread?

In LightBurn, what does the output show in preview?

How do these settings look on your controller:

Do you by chance have Scanning Offset Adjustment enabled in device settings?

If you do have this activated, then the settings may be wrong (or you may just need to turn this off).

Nothing enabled in that setting

These are the settings I have for the engrave, keep in mind very new to this so may even have something wrong here.

Preview looks ok and again no issues with cut but seems to engrave a few times and offset. Attached is the file

Amy Sumner premium Square holder.lbrn (192.4 KB)

12000mm / sec sounds very impressive, but I will probably start with much less speed and power.

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