Double Lasered Rose Tile

I had a crazy idea and just tossed this experiment together with minimum effort. Just “let’s see if this works and what it looks like” and it became one of my most favorite things I’ve lasered to date.

10cm x 10cm white tile, coated with IPA + TiO2.
1: Laser 90mm circle with 10W Blue Diode 6000mm/min, 100% power, 0.08 interval. Wash.
2: Laser rose with 2W IR laser to engrave the titanium, 3000mm/min, 100% power, 0.05 interval.

This was the result;

Zooming in, it looks like it’s printed on canvas

I can’t get a picture that shows just how nice it looks in real life, above is the best one I’ve got.