Double line at cutting 80w co2

hello all, anybody same issue, double line at cutting ?
why is this sympthome happenning ? 3mm plywood

I’ve seen that when a mirror failed. I think it burns thru the gold face and bounces off something else.

Looks like alignment. Beam isn’t hitting in the down tube properly.


and very important info ; right top corner of machine. other area is ok

Might want to add this laser to your information. I thought ‘oh an led laser’…

You won’t be sure of anything until you ensure the alignment is correct. The amount it’s ‘out’ seems too far for it being a ‘4th corner’ issue.

There is an anomaly they refer to as the ‘4th corner’ where there’s good alignment except at a single ‘4th’ corner.

Usually when I’ve seen this, the vertical beam is striking something inside the lens tube and ‘bouncing’ off giving a dual line. It could be anything, even the side of the tube or lens mounting hardware.

You need to ensure that it’s properly aligned, starting at m1 and ensuring that the beam at m1 is in the proper resonance mode of TEM0.

Post a shot of the target at m1…

Good luck


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