Double line cutting on atomstack M100 / E85 module

Hello everyone, I am having a double-line issue. I have already adjusted both axis, but the problem persists.-
What i find strange is that all the double lines go in the same way, and they al seem perfectly cut and seems like a pattern and not linke an error.

Any advises? Is it a harware issue?
Thank you all in advance.

How have you done this?

To me it looks like you may be missing steps on the X-axis. Check belt tension and make sure you’re not skipping the belt. Also check that the pinion gear is properly secured to the stepper shaft.

I adjusted both x axis nuts and y axis nuts. Also tightened the belts´ tensions.
I will check on the pinion gear.
Thanks for the advice. Will let you know.

You were very right. I kept on adjusting the x axis, and finally the double line disappeared. Thanks much for the observation and comment. :slight_smile: