Double line when engraving horizontally

Hello, as you can see in the picture, testing out my Totem S, I encountered these double lines (for lack of better word) but, only when engraving horizontally (X axis) and only in the middle of the design (here a picture of some text). Notice how the engraving is perfect vertically (Y axis) and the first and last letters are clear…I m puzzled, I don t understand how this happens, speed does not seem to play here, I tried various, and neither does the design, similar results with other designs…
Any help and suggestions are welcome… please also note that when engraving a vector design, it works well… Thanks !

It looks like it’s doing this:

Is your laser head attached tightly? Can you wiggle it around easily when the machine is powered on?

I concur, I have seen engrave heads flex enough on a gantry mechanism to do this.

Thanks gents, I re-tightened everything and it is fine now, it wasn’t much but evidently enough ! thanks a lot ! cheers !

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