Double lines one pass?

I imported a pdf file to lightburn with a square pattern.
One pattern was made of horizontal and vertical lines. No Problem.
Laser goes over it one time.
The other pattern is a wild bunch of squares and lines and sometimes
the laser passes two or more times, causing a deep and dark burn.
What can i do to tell lightburn to go just once over it, even if the lines
are laying on the same position?

try uploading the file I want to look at it

Hello. I will try it. Thanks!
It`s a pdf so i have to convert it first…
And i dont think you can analyse it, if it is a picture.
So i have to upload it wherelse:

By downloading and opening this file, I get inappropriate content, right into LightBurn. :rage:

Can you please explain? I found the link provided a 2-page PDF file. I imported the first page and see the following:

and here is the second page:


that’s what I get when I open this pdf in LightBurn

Just deleted it …

Looking at this file, LightBurn does not provide a tool to help with all the issues I see. This file will need significant editing to resolve these issues. I might delete all components of this double-up grid and start over. I would copy / duplicate this look using the pattern that is currently working as expected.

I tried to remove some issues by selecting ‘Edit’→’Delete Duplicates’. While it illustrates this issue very well, this is not the result you are after.

With the blue layer hidden:

and with the red layer hidden:

Skærmbillede 2021-02-17 kl. 23.55.24

I am not sure how that happened. I did not get this, as I showed.

Thank you for clarifying, I deleted the image you showed. :slight_smile:

It’s ok, I also do not think it comes on purpose from Helge, online services are once in a while not just what it pretends to be.

By the way, how do I delete a post, do I have to go in and edit / delete its contents, or is there a button - delete? (I have also never found the button for “task is solved” …)

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