Double Text with Bi-Directional Fill Enabled

I just purchased a S9 Sculpfun diode Laser. I am new to Laser Engraving.

After I assembled the Laser according to the manual instructions I installed Lightburn and tested the laser with some text.

This is the settings I have used (Bi-Directional Fill Enabled)

This is the result (Bi-Directional Fill Enabled)

After I disabled Bi-Directional Fill this is the result I’ve got:

I’ve played with screw/belt tightness but the result is Identical.

After I’ve activated Scanning Offset and played with different Values I’ve found that 1.10mm offset fixed the issue when Bi-Directional Fill is Enabled. However, I think that the 1.10mm value is pretty high.

I only have 10 days left to return the device so I would like to test and try to fix anything before making a decision.

Any advice is highly appreciated!

Did you check that the pinion gears are well secured to the stepper shaft?

I just checked. The belt is well secured but I’ve noticed that the gear moves back and forwoard if I apply pressure.

Uploading: 45D3F6B9-24A1-44C4-8EB0-FB59EF2E0979.jpeg…

That’s the likely source of the backlash. Carefully align the gear such that the grub screw can be secured against the flat of the shaft. There may be another screw adjacent to that one that should also be secured.

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It’s a mechanical issue. Go through this guide to set up your mechanics correctly: Guide to mechanical adjustments and maintenance The laser is not tuned from the factory, you need to check every bolt and screw to get great results.

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