Download Lightburn

I am trying to download lightburn and it is saying

it cannot be opened because the developer cant be verified. MacOS cannot verify that this app is free from malware.

I am not too sure what to do to get it working.


As far as I understand, everyone has to pay for an approval / verification from Apple before giving permission for a smooth installation of externally developed programs on their OS. It will usually be perfectly fine because in the price is also a serious check if the program is ok, free of viruses and other malicious code. However, the price of being a part of Apple’s universe is far too high, which is why many developers choose to “just” not be verified. (I mean Apple takes 30% of everything sold through their channels)

I install LightBurn, always downloaded only from LightBurn, and confirm after installation that I really want to start the program. A bit of a hassle but works fine.

(If my statement is inaccurate or incorrect, a correction would be fine.)

Open system preferences from the Apple in the menubar.
Look for Security and privacy under general tab.
At the bottom of the window, you will see a place where the system asks if you really want to open LIghtburn. Click open, twice…

If you don’t see the warning, double click on Lighburn again and it should appear. The system “forgets” after to don’t click ok.

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Lightburn does not sell sell through the Apple store which take 30%. Yes, many developers don’t go through the hoops Apple puts up to be certified developers. If you are concerned with the safety of a downloaded app, you should use an antivirus/malware app to check it before you install it.

This is all covered in the documentation:

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