Downloadable material library

Anyone have a downloadable library I may have? I’ve set mine a few times but kept deleting.

LightBurn supports many different types and wattage systems requiring unique library settings. LightBurn does not provide “pre-filled” libraries as it is not practical to provide for every system supported. It is your to fill out for your setup.

Are you saying this is a LightBurn thing or something you are doing?

It was a lightburn thing. Happened a couple times. So, I figured I’d see if a downloadable thing was possible

LightBurn should not be deleting any file during the process of operations unless you specifically ask it to do so. Specifically, this applies to your materials library file(s). Please provide details as to what was happening when this file became inaccessible to you. This will help us track down any issue you may be having.

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