Downloaded trial incorect- causing issues

Ruida- 100w

when i downloaded the program i did not choose install FTDI driver -

so it will not find laser

i uninstalled and did a re download but have the same issue.

I purchased this laser from my friend and was working fine with lightburn VIA USB so i know it will connect .

What is the issue??

The driver is probably the issue. If possible, use the Ethernet, that will eliminate any drivers.

There are threads on this site for the proper drivers… I don’t use windows…


DRIVER IS THE ISSUE, ethernet does not work .

why is this such a common thread with no results?

just a copy and past from lightburn ?

seems this is a common problem with ruidia and im just another guy with a common problem and nobody knows how to fix.

It’s not a common issue with Linux, it’s a windows issue and you have to find the right drivers.

If you can’t get Ethernet to it, then I understand but. Ethernet does work and much better than USB.

If you wish to stay with USB, that is your choice… but you will have to find the correct drivers…

Just by the numbers there are more windows users out there, so it’s just another part of windows software… Others have solved it…

No need to yell at me, I’m am trying to help you.

Don’t get frustrated and post, it usually doesn’t come off well

If you search the site, there are lots of resolutions to this… I don’t use windows so any driver complaints are wasted on me or Lightburn since neither one of us ‘build’ them…

You have a very nice machine and this ‘driver issue’ will be nothing compared to what you will experience with these Chinese lasers… I’m trying to tell you to relax/slow down or you will break something

Good luck


Which ruida are you running?

Welcome. Thank you for posting and a friendly reminder for everyone here, please play nice. There is no need or value exchanged with this banter. :slight_smile: We are here to kindly assist you in using LightBurn and enjoy the lasing journey.

If you are running Windows, please see the following to resolve your issue:

Please let us know how you progress.

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