Downloading software

I currently have lightburn installed on my computer that I use with my diode laser. I recently purchased a new C02 laser that came with free lightburn. Can I install the new one and still keep the old one? If not, if I deactivate the old one can I then install lightburn again with the new Lightburn Key?

If you go into Help/License Management, you can deactivate the old GCODE license and install the new DSP license you got with your new laser. This will enable the DSP features. No need to download anything different, it’s all in the program, the license just activates it. Obviously, if you’re not running the latest version, you could then download and install that as well if desired.

If you deactivate your old key and enter the new key in Licence Management in the Help menu you should be just fine. I would export a Prefs file just in case.

To get the latest version be sure to download it from the main page at Download / Trial – LightBurn Software If you received different download instructions please let us know.

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