DPI/Line Interval Settings

I have a 63.5mm focal length and am struggling to get a crisp engrave when engraving letters through Lightburn. can someone assist with DPI or line interval settings.

1080 Laser, Ruida, 130W Reci

340 is a good number to start with…

340 DPI?

I am currently running .05 Line interval

In LightBurn, the DPI and Line Interval are the same and tied together, just shown in different values. If you change one, note the other will change as well.

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and are you creating the text in lightburn?
Sounds then like you’re just not quite in focus… If you’re engraving a vector like that it should be sharp if you are in focus. Does your laser have adjustable Z? you can try engraving a few letters, then moving the Z up a mm, repeat, etc until you find your ‘focus’…

I am at focal point, I have tried two separate 63.5 lenses but still no fine engraving. I thought it maybe to do with DPI settings? at .127 it looks horrible, at .05 i have minor overlapping but it looks ok but not as sharp as my K40.

I don’t think you’re quite at your focal point if you have overlapping? or maybe I’m wrong. I’ve never used a lens with that sort of focal length. mine is 58.3.

Do DPI settings come into engraving? And not just line interval? Do you also have your upper and lower power settings the same or are they different?

DPI setting will only affect Fill and Image patterns.

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