DPI questions and extra

What is a reasonable maximum DPI using Jarvis on a 50w chinese machine?

I have done a test with my K40 to find the size of my laser beam when it is properly focused. It can be recommended. Make 10 lines and start with 0.5mm distance. When you reduce the distance down until you can not distinguish them from each other (use a magnifying glass), you will find out what is realistic and time efficient. Many people are surprised at how low the dpi “limit” actually is.

( 0.05mm=508 DPI, I do not think there is anyone who has a laser beam spot size of this size, it might start at 0.1mm … ??? )

I think I have the same animal as you do… I have successfully printed Russ’ ‘dot’ code. Need a magnifying glass to really look at it.

dotSize.lbrn2 (4.8 KB)

Use the ‘zoom to frame selection’ tool to see it.

Good luck…


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