Drag and drop to arrange files in the Art Library

Here’s my situation:
I have multiple machines CNC, 3-D printer, laser, etc. As a result, I’ve always arranged my art resources and design ideas by file format. I’d like to utilize the art library feature of Lightburn, but arrange the resources I have in to thematic elements, versus file types.

I’ve created several Art Library files (Halloween, Christmas, Finials, Logos, etc) and one called Unsorted. I imported an entire folder from my current collection (SVG files for the sake of this example). Now, I find that I can’t drag and drop files from one library to another (Unsorted to Halloween for instance).

I believe the ability to drag and drop art resource from one library to another would be a very useful addition to the product! @LightBurn

Thanks for your consideration

No? Just me?

You might get some better feedback using the Feature Suggestions site we provide. Folks can vote the idea up, helping us to prioritize our development efforts. :slight_smile:

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