Drag Circles from Center

I have grouped some circles together and if I move the mouse over to one of the Circles center the cursor switches to the center icon (Cross with Circle)
I wonder if there is a way to drag the whole group to snap the center of this circle to f.e. the edge of another object?

It sounds like the circles are not grouped correctly. You only get one middle point when you group multiple Shapes.

If I have misunderstood you you just come back

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Hi Bernd,

your right, but I mean if you mouseover near to the center of one circle then the mousepointer is changing like it is when your pointing on the edge of an rectangle, but you can’t drag and drop the group of circles
I can do it if I point to the circumfence…


Yes, I see what you mean, the center point marker comes up but you can’t use it to center/connect it to another object. I think it’s because the circles are centered and the different shapes now have a common center. The cursor “should” not show the center symbol of grouped elements when the function cannot be used, that’s right.

I think the problem is the same with a single circle…but there its the same center as the „grouped“ object if you mark this circle
Whould be good if it works like the other way to be able to snap und hose centers to other objects


I’ll try to find out the reason for seemingly not allowing an object to be selected and moved at the same time by it’s center snap, nor allowing a group to be moved by the center snap of one of it’s members.

For now, include a rectangle to enable the move:



The center snap of a single shape is used to snap things to that shape, but isn’t a “grab handle”, meaning you can’t grab and drag from that point.

When you have a single object, the center snap and the center drag handle are in the same place, so a single shape behaves the way you suggest.

That’s also what I assumed, but the proposal from @NicholasL is a nice and easy option if you need to do this task with snapping/centering a grouped individual shape, to a center of another Shape.

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