Drag Clone a Shape?

Wondering if there’s a way to drag-clone a shape. For example, in Illustrator, I can hold the option key down while dragging a shape, and it will create a copy of that shape as I drag. And if I hold the shift key and the option key, while dragging, it constrains the copy to either the horizontal or vertical.
Thanks so much for any advice.

No drag-cloning. But you can duplicate an object with CMD-D or ALT-D. Shift while moving will constrain to vertical or horizontal axes.

Ahhh… Thanks for the helpful tip. I’ll give it a try.


Trying to make Ctrl+Drag duplicate a shape would be tricky, because the Ctrl key is already used to toggle the selection state (Ctrl+click does it one shape at a time, and Ctrl+drag does it for anything in the selection rectangle).

If you Ctrl+dragged on a shape, there’d be no way for me to know if you were trying to add/remove something from the selection, or drag-duplicate it, so the Ctrl+D (Duplicate selection) option is there instead. Ctrl+D also bypasses the clipboard, and puts the copy right over the original.

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