Draw lines tool?

Is there a way to draw a simple line?

I messed up a cut, because, for some reason, if you put a square with rounded corners at the edge of the bed, it’ll skip the edge (probably because the corner would force the head to move out of the working area due to deceleration). No matter, I thought, I just let it remain there, and cut a straight line to replace the missing line, but I couldn’t find a straight line. So, I made a box which was mostly outside, messed up the origin and messed up.

OK, most of that mess up was my fault, but the point remains, a simple straight line would be nice to have. For example, a living hinge would be trivial to set up with a line and then some of the arrange options.

The pen tool is just under the selection tool. https://github.com/LightBurnSoftware/Documentation/blob/master/CreatingNewVectors.md

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It’s officially confirmed, I need new glasses (and probably a new brain…). :slight_smile:

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LightBrain and Opthamology, coming soon to a strip mall near you.

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