Drawing a regular polygon with a set length of the side

Hi, I want to draw a regular polygon with set size for the length of the side, for example the sides are 35mm long. I know I can select the polygon tool, hold shift and draw the polygon with a size and width but that doesn’t let me set the length of the side.

Do you mean you want to set the length of a single segment of a polygon?

I can think of a couple of ways to accomplish this.

  1. Use math to determine how big the overall polygon needs to be to get the individual segment the size you want. Then use Numeric Edits Toolbar to scale appropriately.
  2. Create a new line with the length that you want the polygon segment to be. Then use 2-point rotate/scale (in Arrange menu) to rotate and scale one segment of the polygon against the reference line that you created.
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Thank you. Your Point number 2 works well and is quick and easy.