Drawing App Suggestions for iPad

Hey guys/gals! Looking for a recommendation for a drawing app I can use on my iPad while I’m away from my main computer. One day, hopefully soon, we’ll be able to get LB in the App Store but for now what are you guys using? Doesn’t have to be free just looking for something to use for line drawings. Kinda like a 2d CAD where I can specify the length and height of lines, rectangles or circles and so on. I make mostly acrylic templates for leather work so that’s main interest of functionality. Not looking for something to control my laser.

Thanks in advance!

Can’t beat this for $9.99 on sale now for 50% off

It’s not Adobe Illustrator but it’s also not as expensive and it’s a one time purchase not a monthly subscription .

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What Sasquatch said.

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Thank you! I will check it out.

Affinity designer or web based gravit.io which can save in pdf or svg.

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