Drawing directly on light burn with a digital drawing tablet is possible?

Hello everyone!
I come to you because I have not found an answer to my question, is it possible to use lightburn on a digital drawing tablet? (Wacom MobileStudio Pro 13, which is like a computer) To avoid exporting from my tablet the file to the lightburn software before to engrave and save time. I am a designer and I work on a night market, where I sell customized products that I design myself in front of them so it has to be quick. It would be amazing to be able to skip the file transfer step and use lightburn on a drawing tablet. Thank you very much to all the answers that can be brought!

You can use a tablet in LightBurn but there is no freehand drawing tool which is what I assume you’re talking about. Unless your art is done with a series of straight lines in which case you could use the “Draw Lines” tool.

You could download the 30 day Free Trial of LightBurn with your tablet and try it.
You may find that you need a keyboard for some of the functionality - filenames come to mind. :smiley:

If it doesn’t work - capturing error reports and crash reports could encourage progress on its implementation. There’s a lot of folks on the forum (and in the background) trying new stuff all the time. I can hardly wait to see what works 6 months from now!

If you have a Licensed Copy, you’re allowed to run two different computers or seats with your existing licence.

If you’re Licensed and already using two computers and you want to try your tablet, e-mail Support@lightburnsoftware.com - ask them really nicely - and mention the model of the tablet - Wacom MobileStudio Pro 13. Please include a link to this post in your email so they can find it easily.

Yes I was talking about a freehand tool, ok good to know, thank you for your answer :slight_smile:

Ok I’ll do this, thanks for your advise, It’s always good to try when it’s well asked, have a good day :wink:

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