Drawing formats to export

Which file format works best with Lightburn? DWG, DXF, PDF. How do I edit the drawings once in this software? Example: remove unwanted text, lines within the drawing, etc.

Here’s what I would recommend in terms of preference order:

  1. SVG
  2. AI
  3. PDF
  4. DXF

What program are you coming from?

Once imported components of the drawing will behave as any other shapes in LightBurn. Text preservation has recently been added. There are known features that are not currently supported varying by format. For example, clipping masks in SVG do not align properly when imported. I believe certain types of text and less common object types in DXF are not supported but I’m less familiar with those.

These drawings come from an autocad program which can send them in several formats. It designs the products for me to cut them out of Polypropylene material. Once imported to the Ruida controller on my Boss laser I need to edit text and lines showing measurements

In that case you likely won’t have many options. DXF will likely be your best bet.

Is there a reason the measurements are not included in the design before import? But either way, this is something you could add to the design post import.

I actually need to remove those measurements and lines from the drawing to ultimately get it to the picture of the item I need to cut out. I am new to this and all your help is appreciated

Ah… sorry. I jumped from “edit” to mean add. It should be trivial to remove those portions by selecting and deleting. One tip… click+drag from left to right selects all items fully enclosed in the frame. Click+drag from right to left will select all items within or touching the frame.

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