Drawing parallel lines

How do I draw two or more parallel lines on an angle? Creating parallel lines that are vertical or horizontal can be done with the array function or just duplicating and moving one of the lines the distance I want either in x or in y, but having drawn a line at an angle how do make another line parallel to it a specific distance from the first?


… in the same way as straight lines.

You can also duplicate the first line and mouve it with the arrow keys with the distance you have given the function keys, or use coordinate display and enter distance into X or Y. Here also mathematical functions work, ie. X 100 + 20 moves it in x direction with 20mm, it’s very practical - I think :wink:

Here’s one way:

  1. Draw line:

  2. Duplicate, set anchor point accordingly and rotate -90°:

  3. Draw circle with a radius equal to the offset distance centred as shown:

  4. Using the node edit tool trim off the end pf the line like this:

  5. Delete the circle, duplicate the first line again and move it to the end of the trimmed line:

  6. Delete the temporary line:

Someone else might be able to come up with a better way but I hope this helps.

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Markus, my method would be similar in this application. I wish offset in/out was available for open line segments. I know in/out/left/right/up/down nomenclature would be confusing as orientation of the segment changes, but it would be a simple toggle to invert.

I could see this being fairly useful.

If this is what you’re looking for, please upvote it.

If this isn’t quite what you had in mind, please post your Offset Open Line suggestion there.

Thanks. :slight_smile:

Here is another way.

  1. Draw a line.

  2. Offset the line by a number - I used 0.25"

  3. Select the rectangle and line, enter node editing, and delete lines A,B. and C.

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I’m not familiar with the G codes that author mentions but I believe he and I are on the same wavelength.

I’m most familiar with the following workflow…activate offset tool, define offset value, define direction by clicking on one side of the parent/source line segment. Offset is always perpendicular/concentric to segment.

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You can offset half of the required distance, with delete original, break apart and remove 2 lines.

3 days ago I gave the answer on the lahobbyguy forum.
Lightburn allows you to do things in different ways, some faster, others more versatile, there’s always a way, there are no limitations.
But you should read the Docs.


You hadn’t posted the answer to my question on how to break apart the resulting box when I posted the same question here. I often will post the same question in multiple forums to get different solutions to the same problem, as happened here. It just so happens that your solution, I believe is the most practical. Is it just me but doesn’t it seem like a parallel line function is a basic function that shouldn’t take multiple steps to create?

Thanks everyone for your input and ideas.

This would be the simplest and fastest way, especially when using hotkeys to produce. :slight_smile:

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This was it
brake apart
And today I gave answer with steps same forum.
But glad problem solved

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