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Hi there

I want to create a flightsimulator Panel. It is a switch panel for a cessna G1000 and looks like a rectangel with a triangel cutoff in the left upper site…

Any idea how to do this?

Thanks for any ideas


If you can find the image of the switch panel on the 'net.
Import it into Lightburn.
Scale to correct size.
Use ‘trace’ function for the shapes.
Maybe the text is better typed in, maybe you can trace ok.
Set up the layers for cutting & engraving.

The docs. section is a good start and there are some good Lightburn tutorials on YouTube for these functions.


You could draw a rectangle and then clip a triangle off the corner: Draw two rectangles, rotate one and place it over the corner:

Select the main rectangle, then the small one, then click ‘Boolean Subtract’:

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