Drawing size does not match to actual lasered size.

Hello to the forum,

first of all kudos to the Lightburn developers, the software is exactly that
what I was looking for.
=> And I searched a long time :wink:
I’m going to build a CNC plasma cutter btw.

Currently I test with a 65x50cm 500mw Laser Engraver with an ELEKSMALER MANA SE board.

But I currently have the problem that the drawing (example: 100mm wide) in at least twice
Size is lasered. I changed all settings to millimeters
So the drawing size does not match to actual lasered size.

What am I doing wrong here.

Thank you in advance and thank you again for the great software
best regards

What firmware and version are you using? What are the current firmware settings?

Most likely your board is not configured correctly. LightBurn sends commands like “move 10 mm” - it’s up to the board to convert those values to actual motor movements, and if the configuration is wrong, the scale will be too. Read here: https://github.com/gnea/grbl/wiki/Grbl-v1.1-Configuration#100-101-and-102--xyz-stepsmm

Perfect, thx i will check this

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