Driver issue JPT M7 Laser

I have new JPT laser. When I first start up laser and lightburn it won’t connect. I have to go into device manager disable driver then reenable for it to connect. Windows 11 pro.

Did you install the Lightburn driver?

The drivers for EZCad and Lightburn are not compatible…

This might help… but I’m not exactly sure which driver you are having an issue with…

Could it be a protection issue?


So I have deleted the EzCad driver. When I installed lightburn I installed the fiber driver it asks you at the end of the lightburn to install. When I start fiber laser device manager says "Unknown USB Device (Device Descriptor Request Failed). If I disable driver then re-enable is changes to USBLMCV4 and everything works.

I have had some strange issues also with win 11 with conection issues but didnt see a issue with the trial ezcad was not installed on this pc

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