Drivers not installing

I downloaded the software from the website, then installed it. I get 5 error messages telling me that different drivers are not installed when I try to open the software. So I deleted the down load, uninstalled the software and did it again from scratch - 3 times. I still can’t get it to work.

What version of OS and LightBurn are you using?

I have windows 10 and the newest one just downloaded from website.

Have a look at this:

32 bit or 64 bit version?

If you can screenshot the messages it’ll help us direct you appropriately. Usually this is a Microsoft Runtime library issue. I’ve done my best to include the ones that are needed, but each time I add new features to the software a new one seems to creep in.

Ok, that took longer than it should have. Had to have a tech come in and help me load the Visual C+. Computer decided to be difficult. But that fixed the problem. I am now up and running the software.

Thank you for your help!