Drop in Orientation

A couple of days ago I began noticing an orientation discrepancy when trying to orient a job from Lightburn to the substrate. I thought my laser camera needed adjusted, so I attempted to realign it.
That is when I noticed an orientation problem on the alignment test grid.
I will send pics… this will be pic 1.

I tightened my belts thinking I may have slippage there. Not much better after the adjustment.

Today I tried another job and the result finds that the laser is dropping its orientation during the job.
Pic 2 is the job in Lightburn
Pic 3 will be the lasered job.

Because that looks like it’s in the Y axis, the backlash probably comes from a very loose setscrew in the linkage from the motor hidden in the back of the cabinet to the jackshafts driving the belts on either side.

A previous discussion including more possibilities but, alas, no final resolution:

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