DSP Licence Help

So I purchased a new laser. My first laser was grbl controller. New laser is a Ruida controller. So I had to purchase a new license. I never received an email with the new activation code and the lightburn software is lock in this loop. It finds my laser, tells me I need DSP license but it never gives me a chance to enter new code because it keeps finding the new laser… Can someone help
Thanks Russ

We can via email ( support@lightburnsoftware.com ), as it would be better not to share any personal information that may be required here in public. Thank you. :slight_smile:

Hi Ric, I already have but no response as of yet. Is there a phone # or a way to talk to a human. Also
I was sent a link to ativate my account but when I click on it it says already active. Russ

It’s been just over an hour since you paid. I’m guessing you didn’t read all the text:


I’ll share with the wife. “Human.” She will like the inference to my robotic behavior at times. :wink:

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