Dsp license - question

I have update my license of Gcode to DSP license, i have two computer but only one seems to acknowledge the license because it says Galvo, the other doesnt say.

My ruida havent arrived yet, but lightburn its already reading dfx files on both computers


Galvo is a separate license from g-code and DSP. It’s supplemental. Did you add the galvo license as well?

Ability to import DXF is unrelated to license. DXF import is available for all license types.

HI Berainlb,

no, i didnt add the Galvo license, i just upgrade to a DSP license.
maybe its a mistake from lightburn.
how do i know if the license of the DSP is OK in Lightburn
my co2 laser is arriving tomorrow will check if its reconized by lightburn

thank you for your reply

Is it possible you’re using a Trial license? If so, that could include all licenses.

If DSP is showing for your license that should be sufficient.

Hi Berainlb,

iam using Lightburn about 2 years, no trial.
i dont remenber when i only had Gcode, if it only show the Device type (Gcode) now i have Gcode,dsp and galvo in one computer and in the other just Gcode and DSP.
thank you for your reply

DSP should work without issue. There was a bug in one of the early Galvo trial releases that causes this flag to stick in some cases. It’s likely the reason for it but we can’t be certain without more information.

Do you have a Galvo Device Profile on your computer that shows the Galvo Key?

Pedro, if you are so inclined,
There is a tool to Generate Support Data on the computer with the Galvo key showing. It is of interest to us.

When you click Help and click Generate Support Data a block of raw data is copied to the ‘clipboard’. Please send an email to Support@lightburnsoftware.com and paste that block of data into the email.

Further, please copy and paste the hyperlink at the top of the browser window from this forum page into your email as well.

Many thanks!

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Hi Johnjohn,

i dont have a galgo provile and my co2 laser arrived today and is working great, the galvo still maintains in one of my computer :rofl:
i have send the email as you requested.

best regards.

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