Dual Head Laser Camera Offset

On my dual head laser, I want to use the camera control with my smaller tube with which is not set to absulote cordinates.

Lightburn Camera 8mb 85mm USB
My laser is 900x1200 with 2 heads side by side. My #1 is 150 reci, and the #2 60 watt general.
Most of the camera work will be with the #2 as the general 60 has a much smaller dot. I guess the factory set the #1 head at absolute cordinates. The #2 head is fixed at 85mm to the left of the #1 head.

The table is 1200 wide but the machine settings are set from upper right to be 1090mm to keep the 2nd head inbounds. The pulsed dots are 85mm apart, which is bigger than the allowed offset in the camera view window.

Is there a work arround that will work for my 60 watt head which is not set to absolute coordinates.

Thanks Marty

Dual head lasers can be used to cut 2 items at the same time. My laser is not used that way, we only use one tube at a time. The 60 for engraving and the 150 for cutting thicker material. Adding the 2nd tube adds about 25% to the cost of a new machine.

Lightburn 1.4.00 Mackbook Pro 11.7.9
Shenhui 900x1200 dual head 150 Reci and General 60 watt tubes
The heads are side by side.

There aren’t many dual headed lasers. I don’t believe that LightBurn has one for development.

I’ll ask if the 85mm offset would work if it were allowed.

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