Dual Laser Issue with Laser 1

This is a long story, so try and stick with me :slightly_smiling_face:

I ordered a new 1610 model from Xinxing 1600mmx1000mm dual laser (100w)
Machine has a Ruida RDC6445g (EC) controller.

When I received machine, I was setting it up and it was plugged into a 110v outlet, however machine was configured for 220. My fault. We installed the 220v, and I ended up having to bypass a small power supply to get the machine to fully power on. At this point that is the only issue I can determine we have caused.

We began testing to see if everything else was good.
When cutting and/or engraving on laser 2, it works fine with some basic adjustments to the offset. Laser 1, seemingly cuts ok but when engraving it losers alot of steps and skews to the right. If I run both lasers at the same time, it seems laser 1 is in control and both sides veer/skew to the right.

What we’ve done:

  1. toggled on/off the pwm on both x and y, no difference
  2. Swapped power supplies for laser 1 and 2, same issue
  3. For the x and y controllers I switched which one was controlling laser 1 and laser 2 and still only the issue occurs with laser 1.

I’m at a loss and am thinking the power issue when we first got it may have caused a controller problem with the Ruida but cannot test anything out definitively.

One other thing that may be an issue but unsure: 220v is sending almost 250v, we are working on installing a transformer to ensure only 220v sent.

We use lightburn exclusively but have tested with RDworks as well.

Any suggestions on settings or other testing to try? Does anyone have a similar dual head they could provide working parameters for?

Any help is appreciated!

Do you have a picture of what it is doing? I’m not sure I fully understand the issue

This is laser 1 engraving

The wavy parts under test (which is laser 2) are laser 1

My first thought is a lose lens. Worth checking at least.

I’ve checked lenses, tubes, belts etc. I can slow it down and get it a little better but still skews to right. I’ve literally swapped everything in the machine that I could think of to the other laser and vice versa to narrow down and it is always just on the laser 1. I would even think if the belt were a problem that when laser 2 is running (on the same belt line) that I would experience the problem as well.

Unfortunately I have no experience with double head machines as such. By the sound of it you have checked everything mechanical at least. The only thing left I would think is the Ruida controller, Perhaps someone with a double head machine could comment or at least run the file for you so you can eliminate lightburn.


Looking just at this part of the image you provide, I would review this, Scanning Offset Adjustment - LightBurn Software Documentation

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Really the only thing I can think of is the controller. That is next step :frowning:

That is a different testing area :slight_smile: The words are what I am pointing out…I was actually working on laser 2 offset there.

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If you have only one controller and it’s controlling one set of X and Y motors for motion then it is unlikely to be anything mechanical if one laser operates correctly and the other does not.

If you think something is causing missed steps then you always just slow it way down to verify but again, it’s working fine for one laser so unless there is some weird thing going on where they have motion control configurations for each “laser” there just shouldn’t be anything mechanically wrong.

But since you are using another laser is that laser in any way tied to or effecting the controller? Like could the LPS effect the power to the stepper motors? If not then I would be on a Ruida controller forum asking about this and if there is some firmware version issue or configuation issue.

Possibly lps causing an issue with stepper when both lasers are running, but I did swap the power to the lasers (so I would have expected the other side to maybe be the problem), controller is seemingly my next step :slight_smile:

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