Duet3 with sbc ethernet support

any chance of getting ethernet uploads going on a ethernet/wifi connection to a raspberry pi connected to a duet3? Or for that matter a duet3. dsp controller’s have this capability already where you upload your gcode to the controller and then cut/print. Doing the same thing with a duet3 would definitely be appreciated.
I’d like to be able to send gcode directly to the duet3 that’s driving my laser instead of saving it, and then uploading it. I’m aware of your concerns with the possibility of starting a fire by people remotely firing up there laser. Surely there is a way of disabling this functionality.

We’ve discussed it but no plans as of yet.
Duet (RepRapFirmware specifically) support is not as simple as just supporting the uploads - it doesn’t support some laser specific features that make it a particularly good choice for laser cutters, so honestly there’s just not that much of a user base to prioritize adding that support at this time. Even if we did support upload we would still need a RRF profile since the gcode commands are different than most of the machine profiles we offer.
(Please note: this is coming from one with multiple Duet-based devices and I personally want to add support - but we still have to prioritize our development time).
Something like OctoPrint upload is maybe a little more likely because that would cover machines we DO support like Marlin, Grbl, and Smoothieware. But I have no ETA for that at this time.
We’re still in the process of moving our feature request portal right now but I will certainly add another vote for Duet/RRF support to our internal feature planning list.

so what is missing from duet that marlin, grbl, smoothieware has?

Primarily, Duet doesn’t support speed based power scaling.

What this means is that if you wanted to mark the outline of a rectangle, for example, the corners would be very dark compared to the rest, because as the laser head slows for the corner, the power must be reduced correspondingly. All DSP controllers do this, as do GRBL and Smoothieware.

Even shapes that don’t have corners have points at which the laser starts and stops, and you’ll get black marks there as well if power ramping isn’t managed by the controller.

seems velocity ramping is working in RRF3 firmware. I’ll be using a duet3 board with RRF3. So what else am I missing here.

One of us having a laser with a Duet3 / RR3 setup, the couple weeks of developer time that it will take to implement a driver, and sufficient users to make that more profitable than the other changes currently in flight. :slight_smile:

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