Dummy Galvo device


One of our clients has asked us to see how long would a galvo machine engrave some labels that they are planning to make (to inquire whether they would buy a machine from us or order them from companies that already have a machine). For this I would need to set up a dummy galvo machine. I installed the EZCad driver (both program in the folder and with the installer), but when trying to add a new machine (“No machine”) I do not have the JZCFiber controller option. It would seem that the main problem with other setups is that the speeds are not correct. When I tried to change the Additional Settings with parameters from Configuring Galvo Settings page it does not allow to set some parameters high enough for a galvo machine, also the preview time is around 7 min when the actual work time should be close to a minute (time from one of our clients that have a machine).

I am using LB 1.6.00 on Windows 10.

Thanks in advance

Check to make sure the Galvo license is active. I don’t think is shows as an option when adding a machine manually if it’s not.

I don’t think you need any drivers if there is no machine. You can likely import the supplied markcfg7 file or .cor file

I created one on mine, skipping the import of the configuration file and it seemed to do all the basic Lightburn functions… without a device.

What are you trying to set that it won’t let you?

I don’t think the EZCad drivers work with Lightburn.