Duplicate engraving on leather

I am using Lightburn with a Lenovo windows laptop, for an Atomstack A5 pro engraver (grbl).

I have been trying to engrave a logo on leather, which starts out great (first green circle) but then seems to do a duplicate engraving (second green circle). I have put the settings to the manufactures guide (as per the picture attached), but still doesn’t seem to make a difference. I have also added my settings in Lightburn, which include part of the image I am trying to engrave. Which you can see are solid lines, not outlines.
I have tried to pin the leather down, incase of any movement, adjusting the height of the laser from the fabric (in case of drag), but it still remains the same.

Could anyone help?

The Atomstack A5 is an early model with simple mechanics, if I remember correctly, so 4000mm/min is very fast. Try 2000mm/min and adjust the power accordingly. Does it get better?
In general, here is a guide on how to check/tune the mechanics: Guide to mechanical adjustments and maintenance

Although this may not be the main cause, filling in the Scan Offset Adjustment table will crisp up the edges in other jobs:

You must measure the actual offsets at various speeds to get values for the table. Remember that the table entries are half of those measurements.

Do the tests on something cheap, like cardboard, because the laser power doesn’t matter for those measurements. All you need are visible marks at each power level.

I don’t see a grayscale anywhere…? Is there any shades of gray in the artwork?

Might try posting your project file (.lbrn2) here, if you don’t mind.

I think I’d try tracing the image and using fill.

Great? The A isn’t totally connected…

A couple of issues, the guidelines are just that. Every natural item is different. So you need to material test for each batch or animal.

Holding it flat is pretty critical, you’ll have to decide how you hold it down. A friend of mine did a lot of animal skins and used a vacuum bed to hold them down.

Ensure the technique is best for the material. A fill seems to be usually best, but you will have to experiment.

If it’s not an image, can you just trace and fill? Or threshold mode as is?

Good luck


Thank you all, engraving has improved!

What exactly fixed it.? Others come along and it’s nice to have a clear solution posted.

I’m glad you’re getting the quality you want … It’s a learning curve.

There is a place here for Finished Creations … we all like to see them even through we can’t touch them. :smile_cat:

Have fun


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