Duplicate/reverse image changes size

So, when I create a file, and then duplicate it, and reverse it for cutting the opposing side. The two cuts come out different sizes. If I cut them individually, they also cut different sizes. Why is lightburn changing the cut file size when it’s duplicated, and reversed? The files do show to be exactly the same size, but cut almost 1/16 different. This only happens on 1 side of the cut. Not the entire file. It’s like it extends 1 side when it gets reversed, and duplicated.

Could you upload a LBRN file or a picture so we can have a better understanding

or an original LBRN with steps to replicate Exactly what you are doing

So the highlighted images in this picture were built “Single” in lightburn. Duplicated, and then reversed for the opposing side. The image marked “Driver” says it’s the exact same size, but cuts a little larger on one side only. The top, and bottom of the cut remain the same, but one side seems to extend just slightly.

could you post a image of your actual cut results please?
inclined to think is mechanical and is the rapids between the 2 shapes that are triggering the issue

That is apparently not how those were created, because they’re not the same. I loaded the screenshot file into GIMP and did some rearranging.

The horizontal guides show the holes do not match in the two pieces as laid out:

Duplicating the Driver piece, flipping it horizontally, and aligning it on the holes shows the perimeters do not match:

Without the *lbrn2 file it’s hard to determine more.

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I get what you’re putting down, but that is exactly why I’m here asking questions. In “MY” lightburn program right now, when I flip horizontally, after duplicating. The images are not staying the same size. This was the point of the discussion. I wasn’t asking someone to tell me what I already know, but rather if someone has run into this. I have been working with Lightburn for many years now, and never had this problem. It only arose in the last few renditions of my software.

guess then you better get in touch with support
send your LBRN so they can Replicate
(even though we asked the same here)