Duplicating/array of circles with tabs generates strange arcs

Hi Guys, I have a set of circles with tabs. 2 tabs per shape and 40mm tabs.
When I duplicate the circles I get weird arcs (see pics)

When I duplicate again (triplicate), I get more weird arcs but they change with the normal ones staying on top. trying all sort to stop this behaviour

maybe you can throw me a hint.
Sorry if this doesnt make sense.
Basically i cannot duplicate or make an array or 36 circles of 30mm diam (6x6) without freaky tabs.

to duplicate this, just draw a 30mm circle then preview full circle. then enable tabs then preview again, most tabs that are 5mm but some are look to be 2mm. (see bottom row 2nd from left, top tab)

now if you set those tabs to 20mm or 40mm things get even weirder.

Help please.

Thank you for reporting this, but I am not able to get the same result. Here is what I did:

  • Draw 30mm Ellipse without Tabs enabled
  • Preview shows full circle
  • Edit Cut Settings to enable Tabs
    –Tab Generation = Automatic, Tab Size = 5mm, Tabs Per Shape = 2 (shown in image below)
    -Preview shows tab cuts as expected
    -Using selected circle, build 5 X 5 Array
    -Preview shows tab cuts as expected

You can clear all tabs and try again without the need to rebuild the array.

I went in and changed the Tab Size to 20 mm.

And 40 mm as well.

Show your ‘Cut Settings’ and maybe post your .LBRN file, and we can take a look.

hmm, weird ok. Yes I will post the file and cut settings

Well, it is 2020, so… :man_shrugging: :slight_smile: Together, we will get this sorted.

followed your steps exactly and same weird result for me
see tabs in top left one and bottom tab of top right one and2nd row down, forth from left top tab

then cleared tabs and did 20mm

then cleared tabs then chose 40mm tabs

error50520mmtabs.lbrn (43.6 KB)


cut settings

I see the issue in your file, now trying to understand why.

Any ideas, 90% of all my jobs are circles with tabs lol, its driving me nuts. Its weird, sometimes even getting stray straight lines coning off the arcs

I’m working on a fix right now. Just trying to make sure I’m not breaking anything else.

BTW @NTBee I would love to know why you are making 40mm tabs? Honestly, I didn’t mean to let them be any bigger than 10mm - at 40mm they aren’t really tabs anymore. Understanding your use case better would be helpful.


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@NTBee fix is pushed and will be in the next release.

Most of my work is making small acrylic discs, engraved on both sides, in array of 200+ per sheet.
Since the circles are small, the heat from cutting affects the engrave (1-2mm proximity to cut)
so need to keep the masking on the back side to protect the surface from flashback or flames from the first circle tab run etc.
The front side initial tab of 5mm (prefer10) on front is actually to make removing the masking on back much easier, as by being able to peel the whole thing off at once otherwise it is a very long tedious job. The 40mm tab on back side is to release/cut the first tab after the job is complete. I am just utilizing the tab feature in reverse/tricking it/using the tabs feature in a different way (than intended I know.)

workflow is like this;
run circle cut with small tab
engrave front
flip the job over in template
run a pocket engrave
remove masking
engrave back text
remove tab.

This last step is why I need a 40mm+ tab. to essentially release the parts. it’s ends up as a majority tab with small 5mm cut to release part.

It would be awesome to have an inverted tab option or tab removal cut. (some of my jobs have circles within circles!!)

Maybe there is just a simple way of doing what I am doing that I am missing (quite common if you ask my wife lol)