Dwell Time GCode

Hi everyone,

love Lightburn so far. I already programmed some (super)simple macros to the buttons. One thing I regularly do is activate the fan of my enclosure for another 30s (or so) once the cut / project is done as it seems to get a little bit smokey.

Now I googled a little bit and thought that a combination of the fan commands for my enclosure together with dwell time should be something doable.

So my command would basically work like this:
M14 [… which turns the fan on]
G04 P30000 [… for 30,000 milliseconds = 30 sec]
M15 [… turns the fan off]

I tried this but whatever I do, the fan turns on and wants to run for approx. 4:40 mins
If I leave out the P part of the G04 dwell time command, LB tells me that it’s missing something.

Does that work in Lightburn or am I thinking it wrong?

It will be only on the macro button and not in any project file.

My setup is this:
Ortur Laser Master 2 S2 Pro Ortur soft enclosure (fan / light connected to the mainboard)

Thank you in advance.

Note that dwell time in GRBL is in seconds, not milliseconds.

oh ok… thanks a lot…

so probably the correct GCode would be
G04 P30


For the dwell time, yes. However, not I’m not familiar with your planned application of this with the fan so can’t tell you if it will work.

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It’s worth noting that LightBurn has nothing to do with this - it’s handled entirely by your controller, and the messages you see in the console about missing parameters in the code are from the controller itself. LightBurn is just passing the commands you write straight through to it.

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Have you got the fan and the light to work using the code?