Dwell time on sharp corners/curves


I have issues on engraving on acrylic, when running the laser I get deep engraving on curves and corners. I have reduced the minimum power to 11% and this has improved the engraving but its still not even with the rest of the work. My laser is a 100W CO2

Anybody got any ideas on what may be causing this? The link below is an example of the issue

Appreciate and tips/suggestions

The photo suggests you’re using Offset Fill. If that’s correct, then that result is pretty much inevitable: the laser must slow down to follow the path at those points and it deposits too much energy.

Because the tube can’t fire below (about) 11%, you can’t reduce the power any further to compensate for the slowing.

You may be able to slightly defocus the beam to reduce the energy density, at the cost of lower resolution in the tight corners.

Raster fill modes move the laser head across the material at a constant speed to produce a more uniform result. The edges of the letters may not be as crisp and the pattern inside them won’t follow the curves, but that’s the tradeoff.

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Hi Ednisley,

Thanks you are correct I am using offset fill. Where are the raster fill modes please or is this just the fill mode as opposed to offset fill?

Many thanks


You’re right: anything other than Offset Fill just scans left-to-right (or top-to-bottom) across the pattern:

The Cross-hatch mode scans L-R and T-B, which may produce a smoother finish.

The three choices for filling shapes & groups will change the overall job time, although the results should look much the same.

So many choices! :grin:

Tried with just standard fill and boom…lol. sorted. Thanks very much for insight