DWG importing possible?

Any chance to get dwg importing into LB ?
I know dxf is kind of getting “standard” treatment everywhere…
DWG would keep polylines/arcs/ellipses from segmenting etc.

I may be wrong but dxf is getting really long in the tooth. And while AI/EPS/SVG is all good and well, cad software rarely work well with them (if at all).

I’m also not talking latest DWG, but basic form (acad2004’ish). Isnt it available openly as a standard as well ? Technical issues ? Licensing issues ?

LightBurn does properly import DXF polylines, arcs, ellipses, bulge corners, block inserts, negative extrusions, and NURBS splines. We don’t have a NURBS representation in LightBurn, so they’re segmented, but can easily be run through the shape optimizer to convert to Bezier splines.

I haven’t looked at what would be required to import DWG files, but they’re significantly less common, and everything I know of that can emit them can also export DXF.

You can vote for the feature by clicking the up-arrow above the number here on our feature request site:

You shouldn’t need to export R11 files for LightBurn - It handles pretty much everything in modern DXF files, and if it you find something it doesn’t handle that you think it should, email us the file and we’ll work at getting it supported.

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