DXF circles not circles after import

I do a lot of design work on rhino 3D since I’ve been using it for many years. Export DXF and use Lightburn for the laser cutter. However this issue happens all the time. I import a file with circles but on LB they are no longer a circle. It’s almost like a square with radiused corners. It’s an easy fix to draw a circle and align it with the odd shade but shouldn’t be necessary. Today one of the ovals also lost it exact shape. Most likely it’s operator error.
Anyone experience this or have any idea what’s causing it?

Can you upload an example DXF file? I import a lot of DXF files from Draftsight into Lightburn, and it works pretty well.

Posting an example would help - if I can reproduce the issue here I can likely fix it.

I have the same issue. I use Rhino and generally export to .ai, but oddly enough, this time a larger 1/2 circle came in as a rounded semi rectangle and small 1/8” circles came in fine. With .dxf the small 1/8” circles came in as squared off circles. The fix is easy in LB, but kind of annoying.

Thanks guys. Here’s the DXF file and the Lightburn File. 2 of the circles are wrong and the oval is also off. I drew an oval to show what the original is supposed to be.
dxfimport.lbrn (427.0 KB)

Apparently I cant upload the DXF file

The weird thing that it’s doesn’t happen every time. Sometimes 2 exact circles in rhino will import as 2 different shapes in LB

EMail the DXF to support@lightburnsoftware.com and include a link to this thread so I can have a look. The LightBurn project file doesn’t help much, because it won’t have the information from the original DXF file that it got wrong.

Found and fixed for the next release.