DXF fails when export on laser

The system works well; the only issue is that when I export the file to record on the laser, it starts to have nonsensical offsets. I have applied and adjusted everything to see if it was a tension problem with the strings, but it continues to make the same error. It’s a strange offset because it executes all the lines correctly but with unusual offsets.

Check if you have a kern adjustment setup on the Cut settings.

if that’s not it, can you upload the .lbrn file for review?

If you mean the KERF settings I have it in 0.00mm.

And it’s not the problem of only this file, it happens with all DXF files.

Here it’s an other example:

Are you saying this occurs for DXF files but not natively created designs?

Just looking at the output it looks like to me you may have some serious mechanical issues.

If you haven’t already I’d suggest doing a thorough mechanical review checking belt tension, securing of pinion gears, wheel tension, check laser head assembly.

Seems to me you just have a lot of extraneous unaccounted motion that may be causing the issue.