DXF Files Not Opening Properly in Lightburn

New user to both Lightburn and laser engraving. I recently bought some .DXF files off Etsy. Opened them in Lightburn and did a test run and liked most of the results. I started converting them in Lightburn to .LBRN files. I later went to run a .LBRN file with unsatisfactory results (engraving too deep, charred). I performed basic maintenance on the machine (cleaned and aligned the mirrors).

I realized when I drag a .DXF file into Lightburn, it does not bring in the speed and power settings from the file, but defaults to 175mms and 25% for black lines, 10mms and 40% for red. Every .DXF file defaults to this while .LBRN files open just fine. Any idea?

DXF files do not have laser settings in them.
They are just landing in one of the layers that have settings in them.
.LBRN files do have that info in them.

Thanks for the reply Mike! Any idea as to why they would engrave/cut great when I drag them into Lightburn? Does it have anything to do with previous files ran?

There is a setting someplace that keeps you last settings.
Depending on what you do, that could change for the next file you think should work.
I have found some files that are just messed up for that reason
Always check the settings.

Thank you Mike, do appreciate it!


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