DXF From Fusion to LightBurn

This is a DXF imported from Fusion.
In fusion the middle selected spline intersect with the outer line and the right hand part area can be selected in Fusion but not in LightBurn. i need to fill only the right space. why this happens and what should I do to fix this?

Inside Fusion, right hand side area selected:

LightBurn wont allow selecting right hand side area.

LB 0909.

I’m not sure if it’s the easiest way, and I’m not sure it’ll work for this particular instance, but…

I would duplicate that outer shape and the intersecting bezier. Then temporarily change the color of the new shapes and hide that layer. Then select the remaining outside piece, convert it to a path if it isn’t already, and enter node edit mode. Once there, I would delete, for instance, the right half as close to the end node points of the intersecting line. Select both, go to Edit -> Auto Join Selected Shapes. That should create one solid shape.

Repeat those steps for the other side, and the end result should be you having 2 solid shapes that you can then fill as you like separately.

I hope that’s easy to understand, as I haven’t even had a half cup of coffee yet. If not, I can add some pictures to try and illustrate my point.

I will now have a cup of coffee before trying out your suggestion :+1:


Have 2, they’re cheap. :coffee:

LightBurn does not have access to all the information Fusion does, and it really depends on how Fusion exports the DXF file. If it just exports it as “line soup” there would be no information about which areas were connected.

In LightBurn, you can likely select the lines you want to fill, join them (Alt-J) and then, as Blake suggests, duplicate them and put that duplicate on a filled layer.

While deleting nodes i noticed the upper intersection was welded but not the lower intersection even though when i was moving the node i saw it is connected on both ends, upper and lower, to the outer rim. When i tried to delete the green node in the blue rectangle LB deleted the entire line all the way to the next node to the left of the bezier.

DXF exports often do not contain their original connectivity. LightBurn cannot know which lines are supposed to be connected at an intersection like that, so it chooses the straighter path.

the thing is they were connected. i will try to upload the file later on.

Have I fooled myself thinking the fusion way?
I might have thought, mistakenly, that in this case LB will treat the two confined shapes with shared bezier like two separated shapes that can be colored separately.

Is that so?

Can you make a very simple Fusion file with two simple regions (like 5 points total, just so it’s not a rectangle primitive) maybe include a simple spline, export that, and send it to me? Basically, if I can get simple enough examples, I can dig through the file to see if there’s any embedded tags to help indicate which pieces go together. The documentation for these formats is horrible.

I have isolated the regions in question.
Change .txt to .dxf.

F360-DXF-4-OZ.txt (14.8 KB)

Thank you.

If you import this object back into Fusion from the DXF, do you get these same regions back?

There are two issues from my side:

  • I can’t find anything that uniquely identifies the two halves of the shape
  • There is only one copy of the spline that splits them

In fact, this line doesn’t even have a terminating node at the spline:

It looks like Fusion simply created some profiles that are completely disconnected from the original shape and exported them as “line soup” with no connectivity information at all.

Yes, back and forth i get the same regions which i can select and fill/extrude as two separated entities. Having said that - Fusion is notorious with how it handles dxf files and It’s a nightmare to edit those. Compared to Fusion, Lightburn is lightning fast and I wish I would feel at home with Lightburn as i feel with Fusion. I design tools which are a mix of laser cuts and 3D printed parts so it is much easier for me to do all in Fusion but sometimes it is just too frustrating to wait for Fusion to compute a simple dxf file, Well, - it’s too embarrassing how slow it is in between crashes…

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