.dxf fusion 360 import issue

my projekt gets imported wrong.
An online .dxf viewer shows it right, so i think the issue is in lightburn.
I didnt found a setting in lightburn to tweak to make it work.
Is lightburn just broken, or am i doing someting wrong.

sometimes when i import stuff it works but some lines are double, but it is still usable.
allbmw.dxf (1023.5 KB)

allbmw fix.lbrn2 (355.5 KB)

how did you fixed it?
You don´t want me to send you all my designs that i want to cut.
:stuck_out_tongue: :laughing:

I cleared it up with auto auto. It was faster for me and to get you started. I didn’t get any time clean it in lightburn yet. I’ll try it over the next few days. I have seen it before but can’t remember the cause of it at the moment.

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